Happy Sunday everyone! Today, I thought I'd share a haul as well as my experience with Boohoo and Sheinside. Both retailers are definitely not new contenders when it comes to the youtube world. I've seen both brands appear in numerous youtubers' haul. However, when it comes to ordering outside of North America, I'm always a little weary. Long wait times, duties, and complicated return policies are among the reasons I tend to avoid ordering abroad. Last month however my curiosity finally got the best of me and I found myself finally clicking on the "place order" button.

BOOHOO is a UK based retailer with a wide selections of trendy and modern clothing. Their petite section is what initially sparked my curiosity . Being barely 5ft'1, I'm constantly on the hunt for clothing that fits my small frame.

Items purchased:
Grace Western Chelsea Boot (no longer in stock) similar here

Shipping & Duties:  For some time now, Boohoo has launched a website specifically geared towards Canadian shoppers ( They provide free shipping for orders above 50$, and otherwise the cost is 9$. Shipping time according to the company will take approximately 8 business days. I would say this is quite accurate. I placed my order January 23rd and received it a short week later. Boohoo also covers all the duties and taxes, which is a major plus in my book. Say goodbye to surprise duties bills! Another great quality about this company is that they keep you consistently informed about the status of your order. They emailed me every detail of my order status from when it was being prepared, to when it left the UK, entered Canada and when it was out for delivery. I find this is be extremely helpful as I am more mindful to when I should stay home to avoid missing my package. Since I am car-less, going to the post office to pick up packages is a errand I truly dread.

Size, Quality & Fit: With their low prices, I wasn't expecting any designer quality but I was still hopeful. The quality of the clothing pieces I ordered were on the ok-low side, but this could've just been the pieces I chose. For sizing reference, I normally wear a XXS-XS in most regular sized brands, and a 0-00 petite clothing. I chose a UK size 4 for the clothing pieces, and they seen to fit more on the small side. The military dress was tighter than any other dress I've ever ordered. On the plus side, their maxi dress fit me almost perfectly (something I've yet to experience). As for their footwear, I would have to say that they definitely exceeded my expectation. Quality in regards to price is amazing!

Do I recommend them? If you are in the market for current in trend pieces that are affordable, I would definitely recommend Boohoo. Especially if you are on the petite side. However, if you're looking for more quality long-term pieces perhaps not.

SHEINSIDE is based in China and also has a huge selection of clothing ranging from closet staples to fashion forward pieces. I've seen and read a lot of mix reviews about this company and I think I can relate to both sides.

Items purchased:

Customer Service, Shipping & Duties:
Although their website claims that shipping to Canada is within 12 business day, it took approximately a month from the time I placed my order to when I physically received it. I placed my order January 27th and received my package February 22nd. Truthfully, that's way longer than I care to wait for but I think it's also understandable since they are based all the way in China. I did end up inquiring about the whereabouts of my package since there was no updates of my order for over 2 weeks. They were quite prompt with their reply. They emailed me back within a day and redirected me to follow up with my local post office instead of the tracking link provided with the order. From this, I found that they my order was held in customs, which was the reason for the delay. My order cost less than 60$ and I wasn't charge for any duties. I'm not quite sure how duties are calculated, and this might different from order to order.

Size, Quality & Fit: Similarly to Boohoo, for the price I paid for the items I wasn't expecting any designer items, however for one the pieces I was actually pleasantly surprise. In my opinion, the maxi dress' quality was beyond the price I paid for. The black dress on the other hand was a let down. I wasn't amazed with the fabric & overall fit was quite awkward. A consistent theme that I've noticed amongst the negative reviews of Sheinside is that the pictures of their clothing can be quite deceptive. Personally what I did was read the reviews extensively and ensured that the item I was interested in had pictures from customers. However, as you can see, despite these efforts I still was unsatisfied with one of my purchases. That being said, this is not exclusive to Sheinside, and it pretty much comes as a risk when purchasing from any online retailer.

Do I recommend them? Personally, I would re-order from Sheinside. If you don't need the piece of clothing urgently and don't mind the wait time, Sheinside can be a great website to find in trend items at an affordable price. In order to lessen the risk of being disappointed when receiving your package, I would recommend browsing through the reviews of the item you're interested in prior to placing your order.

Hope you guys found this review helpful :) If you have any additional questions, please feel free to comment below.

Until next time,



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